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I was in the situation where i needed a cv right away, and a friend of mine told me about CV Builder. You guys really saved me!
I don't own any software to create my own cv in. So, CV Builder was the perfect solution for me.
I love that I have complete controle over the design of the cv. I haven't seen that in any of the other cv builders out there.

Frequently asked questions

Do you support US letter?
Yes. Click the template you would like to edit, and you get the option to change the size of the document.
How do I save the CV for later use?
If you create an account before editing your cv, you can save as many designs as you like. And come back at a later time.
What kind of file is the CV exported as?
The cv is exported as multiple files. A vector based PDF file, PNG file and SVG file. This is to ensure the best quality.
Do you store my finished CV on my account?
Yes. When you have purchased a finished cv, we will keep storing it on your account, so you always have it ready.
Is there a limit on downloads?
No. You can download your finished CV as many times as you need to. We'll send it to you in an email, and you can always find it in your account.
Can i change the colors of the CV?
Yes. You can customize everything on the cv, from colors to fonts and shapes and sizes.
Can I edit my CV on mobile and tablet?
No. You can't use our editor on mobile and tablet at this point. This is a conscious decision to ensure high-quality export.
Is my CV available for all to see?
No. Your saved, or previously downloaded cv's is not publicly available. You are the only one who have access to them.

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